Vacation Time!

Vacation. You read that correctly – I am on vacation. Unfortunately, that does mean that my posting for this week will either be delayed or altogether absent. I haven’t really decided. I am planning on making some cupcakes for work for V-day, and taking them in Tuesday/Wednesday. I leave Wednesday to go for the actual vacation part of the vacation – I have a couple of nights at a nice little place up in the Napa area, and I have to say I’m quite looking forward to it. One of the drawbacks of living where you work is that you don’t really get to not work: I went out this evening and noticed various details that need to be addressed. I can’t escape it. On the plus side, it means that I almost always know what’s going on, and that helps when you’re in a management position.

Anyway, I will either post tomorrow or next week, but know that there will likely be some irrelephant items coming up soon.

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