Update 20141114

Whoooey! It’s been a while since I have posted. Though, to be fair, I did start a post in October, I just forgot to finish it, I guess.

But before I go into the crazies of life – the Cocofancy Etsy shop is open! There are just a couple of offerings up so far, but I have finally mastered caramels! And made an interesting discovery of Coffee Toffee.

Life has been hectic. But it’s it always? Well, more so in the last month-ish. I just came into a new position at work, with a new schedule: Monday through Friday! It’s the first time in the nine years we have been together that Mikal and I have both had Saturday/Sunday off together consistently. Sure, there have been the infrequent vacations and whatnot, but this is consistent! It’s also taking a bit of getting used to.

At the same time, I have been attempting to keep up with the baking, but that has definitely taken more of a back-burner than I would like. We had half a dozen sugar-pie pumpkins sitting in our kitchen for a few weeks, just waiting for me to bake them up…. Yeah, nope, was just super-busy. Mikal ended up getting taking care of it for me. This week (I almost said last week because that’s how long this week has been) was the first time I had the smell of wonderful pumpkin bakings in the house this year, and it was heavenly. Pumpkin Espresso Bread. So much yum.

And, to top it all off, wonderful Mikal has managed to deliver an early present: an amazing new computer. My old computer wasn’t dead, and it was a bit slow but not horrible… It just didn’t have a battery and wasn’t terribly user-friendly anymore. Quite stressful to use when you’re sitting there writing a blog post and you accidentally shift and the power cord detaches. It all goes bye-bye. But I have been using his computers to post, and they’re quite functional, so I really have no excuse. BUT THIS ONE IS SO SHINY! I no longer have to drool over his new(ish) computer and its zoomy sleekness. Perhaps I will finally get back to posting regularly.

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