Finally working on secondary projects

I had planned on doing so many things on my vacation. I took a week off – which turned out to be nine days as it was bookended by my weekends – and I thought, “Wow! I could do so much in that time!” I completely took into account that the first two days would be Candice down-days, where I would probably just sit around and play video games and whatnot. That was spot-on. But one of the other things I had imagined I would have time and energy to work on was a side-project Etsy store called Puppy Bistro. I have some product, and an idea of what I want to charge, I just need to get something together for the packaging and a banner for the Etsy site, and everything will be up. Not a lot to accomplish, but it just didn’t happen while one vacation. I believe housecleaning happened in its place, which was a very good thing – just not quite what I wanted to do.

We have finally started on it in earnest, though. Keep an eye out here in the next couple of weeks – I’ll be sharing the progress.

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