Chocolate Cream Pie

Yes, you read that right: chocolate cream pie. I’m going there. You remember when I put the banana cream pie up, right? This will be better. Do you know why? Because chocolate makes everything better.

My biggest concern with the recipe was adding the chocolate. I wasn’t sure whether to add the chocolate to the cream before it was added to the egg, while it was on the stovetop afterward, or when stirring it on the ice bath. I logicked it out to while on the stove before adding to the egg. I used Dove dark chocolate (what better than that?), and added about and ounce and a half, stirred it in to melting. It didn’t seem to be completely incorporating at that point, so I held off on it. I tempered the egg/starch mixture with the milk, mixed it all together… and realized that it didn’t look very chocolatey. Also, it was very much incorporated. So I added another ounce and a half or so while bringing the mixture to a boil on the stove. That was fun – trying to make sure the cream didn’t scorch while crumbling up hardish chocolate. Part of the reason for making cream pie filling twice so close together was that the first two times it turned out a bit runny – the pastry cream hadn’t cooked long enough to fully set, so when I served it up it puddled. This time I let it cook until I was sure that it was too long – the cream was thick, felt like it might be scalding at the bottom, and was getting really hard to get the whisk through. While stirring it in the ice bath, I tried a bit and thought that it was surely going to be an experiment gone wrong – the chocolate flavor was a bit odd, hadn’t really permeated, it didn’t have that nice vanilla flavor it usually has. But I went with it, kept going. Turns out it was one of the best things I have ever made. The chocolate flavor was exquisite after sitting in the fridge overnight. I made a bunch of miniature cream pies, with a chocolate shortbread crust, and just a small dollop of whipped cream on each to counter the richness.

As you can see, they didn’t survive long enough to have a picture taken.


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